April showers bring May flowers and mushrooms. Mercy where is the warm weather. Most everyone is afraid we will go from a cold, wet spring to another drought.

Wednesday James and I attended the retirement party for Deb (Hodges) Hall at Delmina Woods. She worked 23 years there. She is really looking forward to it. Maybe her dad and her can have some quality time togher. One better enjoy their parents while they have them.

Her friend and co-worker, Connie Siler, could not attend Deb’s party. She was waiting the arrival of Ameris May Siler, her 8 lbs. 4 oz. granddaughter, who arrived that evening.

Congratulations sent to Daryl and Melverine (Gray) Armour on 60 years together. Her mother, Lola (Pruett) Gary is from our community.

Rex and Shirley Halcomb visited us Friday evening.

Garrison Church had a great Sunrise service. We did not get to go to the field, it was raining. One lady said the moon is still up. The weather lady said at 7 a.m. see the sunrise. Wrong. The house was full, they estimated 120, if many more would have come we would have had to get folding chairs out. That would have been great.

Justin David sang two songs, Wyatt and Lisa Ellison sang one song and his grandmother, Lisa, sang one. Melany Stevens sang. We had some testimonies. Come join us at any or all services. We can always use your prayers and help. Gordon and Zelda Jones were happy to attend.

Sunday evening Gary Harvill, Keith Williams and me visited Sybil Harvill. Bob Harvill, Mickey and Deb Harvill visited her. She went to church with her brother and wife, Rex and Shirley Halcomb.

Dorothy King is in a care facility in Nixa while she recovers from her auto wreck. Jerry Nelson enjoyed Easter  with daughters, Loretta and Juanita and his grandkids, Jerry and Lacy, Kirsten, Wyatt and Connor. I know they sure miss grandma Bonita. Also Crissie and Raina. Doug Nelson and others have visited Jerry during the week.

Think Spring!