Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home. It is such a lovely day, absolutely perfect with a slight breeze.

I just returned from a journey outside.  I managed to visit the fish pond and spend a while under the shade of one of our Bradford pear trees with the breeze blowing through my hair, and it felt delicious.  I could have enjoyed another hour out there, but must make my way back to my room before supper time.

Larry Moore taught Sunday School and Gentry Church was here with singing and visiting.  They bring their songbooks and pass them out to us so we sing along with them.  They have good singers and sing all the parts: soprano, alto, tenor and bass–really lovely.  They sing many of our old favorites, but usually sing some new ones, at least new to us.

Girdner Church was here for Easter Sunday Service and they were a blessing to us.  Always nice to see our old friends.

We still have a resident count of 90 although some have gone home, so others have come to stay with us awhile.  Some just come to stay during a series of therapy.  Our therapy department is good for all of us, but to some it is perscribed on doctors’ orders.

A memorial service for Bill Holland was held at Red Bank Church on April 6th for many family and friends and the church served a varied and delicious dinner to all at the noon hour.  It was a well planned service of memories and music by a quartet of Jean Huff, Alice and Gary Lirley and James Lirley with a very pleasing harmony.  Pastor, Les Hallmark presided.

Monday morning we were all glad to see Connie  because I thought her vacation week startd today, but she said it starts next week.  We sure miss her, but she does need time off from the many duties around here.

She keeps activities as you might say “active”.

I noticed, when I was outside yesterday, that all of our plants are showing new growth.  Iris’s will soon be putting up their bloom stalks and beautiful flower heads.  Forsythias are already a sunshiney yellow.  It is the first to bloom and cheer us along with our Bradford pears.  And we have extended out our south patio lawn and built a new portion of fence where it had been bumped and bent.  It is very neat and straight now and the wagon wheels have repositioned, but they are still working on the bird bath.

Oh, we are pleased that the salad bar has been repaired and the salad bar is up and running and we have a wonderful selection to choose from daily.

Our home is workig toward having excellent TV reception in all  rooms for residents in the near future.

The home is going to be getting cable in all rooms free of charge. This improvement will be appreciated by everyone in our home.

We would like to welcome Marie Dickey, Louise Hutchison, Vonna Hathcock and Taylor Hale to our home.

Congratulations to Ransell Hutchison on going home this week.  God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.