Happy Home Church

We had a wonderful spiritual Easter Sunrise Service. Attendance was good. Bro. Ray Dobbs brought the message from the Lord. He kept us on the edge of our seats through it all. We thank Bro. Ray, his wife and their daughter for coming to join us in this day of celebration. We followed the service with breakfast and fellowship.

Our morning service began with a good morning to all from Bro. Dale. Glad to see Dale and Carrie with us this morning. We miss them when they are not with us. We did our pledges to the flags and the Bible. We sang for Jesus and had prayer requests. Prayer was led by Sister Alice. We gave our gifts for Sunday school and they were blessed by Sister Naomi which was our Sunday school leader for this day. Our lesson was in I Peter 1:1-25. It was a good lesson and we had class comments and discussion. Our little angel was with us to gather up our Coins For Christ.

Time to sing for the Lord. The choir was in good voice and the hymns were great. We gave our gifts for the Lord with Bro. Gregg leading in prayer. We had a special from Sister Sharron.

Bro. Gregg brought the message from Genesis 3:14-15, John 20:1-14. It was a good message from the Lord. We are blessed to have Bro. Gregg and Sister Carla leading us and guiding us in the Lord. I cannot begin to explain how lost we were when we lost Bro. Paul. He was our rock in the Lord and we depended on him to take care of everything. We are now beginning to feel that again as we are growing with a new leader. We thank the Lord for sending Bro. Gregg and Sister Carla to us. We closed with a song and was dismissed with prayer by Sister Ulla.

We had a great prayer circle for our evening service. Each one prayed in the circle with Bro. Gregg closing it. You could feel the presence of the Lord and had specials from Sister Juanita, Sister Ulla and Sister Peggy and a quartet from Bro. Gregg and Sister Carla and Bro. Randy and Sister Ginny.

We were blessed to get two messages from the Lord. Bro. Gregg brought the first from Matthew 28:16-20 and Matthew 10:1-14 and Bro. Randy brought his from II Timothy 3:1-3. You can’t get too much of the Lord. We closed with a song and was dismissed with prayer by Sister Ulla.

Have a great week, keep God in your heart and you will be blessed.