Gentry Church

Opening prayer was by Doug Miller.

Todays Sunday school lesson shows how God poured the Holy Spirit on the disciples and encourage believers in Jesus to proclaim the gospel.

Happy Anniversary wishes goes out to Joie and Stacy Welker and Howard and Diane Graham.

April 19th is our third Friday night singing at 7 p.m. with snacks afterwards.

Our special songs were by Dennis and Sandy Shumate and a song and poem by Diane Graham.

Bro. Dennis Shumate was our guest speaker and brught the morning message from Exodus, chapter 11 and 12. Many times we are so busy doing other things and don’t take time for studying the word and going to church. God should be the most important thing in our life. Come as you are and he will make you a new creature.

In our evening service, our special song was by the Gentry Singers.

Bro. Shumate’s message from Isaiah, chapter 62. Thy salvation cometh and the redeemed of the Lord are called a new name, holy people. Thou shall no more be forsaken.

Next Sunday, Apirl 21 Bro. Tom Hodges will be our guest speaker for night and morning service. Everyone is invited.