Gentry Church

Doug Miller opened our service with prayer, after singing, our Sunday school lesson was on when God gives us promises He keeps His word. Jesus promised His resurrection, peace, understanding and a renewed power to the disciples.

Our special song was by Ramona Henning.

Bro. Huskey brought our morning message from Revelation 21. He that overcometh shall inherit all things. Sometimes we have God to remind us and give us assurance that He is still in control and His promise is He is coming back for His church.

In our evening service, our special songs was from the quartet of Narvil Tetrick, Wanda Casady, Faye Allen and Wendell Deo and Bro. Bob Huskey.

We were glad to have Bro. Tom Holt and wife with us this evening. His message text was from John 3. As we study the word of God we are more able to see and understand. We are new creatures in Christ. After the resurrection our soul is transformed in renewing of our minds. We are covered by the blood.