Friendship News

Church started Sunday morning with singing. Ronnie Epps took over as superintendent and prayer was given by Bro. James Moore.

Sunday school lesson was Submission Attitudes, I Peter 3:7-16 taught by Ronnie Epps. After a good Sunday school lesson we sang several songs. Specials were performed by Raymond Haden, Ferne Cooper, Janice Cotrone, Lena Ingram, Elsie Atchison and Woodrow Coonce. Bro. Lyle Wright took the servce. We had a good altar service then was dismissed by Bro. Mitchell Cotrone. Church started Sunday night by singing several songs. Specials were performed by Raymond and Naida Haden, Elsie Atchison, Lena Ingram, Woodrow Coonce and Sue Wright. Bro. Lyle Wright brought the message. He read Zachariah 8:23. He prayed. After a good message we sang. We were dismissed by Bro. James Moore.

As it was Birthday and Anniversary Celebration Night we sang Happy Birthday to Ivona Pierson and Phillip Cotrone.

Those visiting Elsie Atchison Tuesday were Mona Price and Gary Atchison.

Wednesday visitors were Debbie Ritter, Terry Heinlein, Lena and Peyton Ingram and Gary Atchison.

Visiting Friday was Terry and Matthew Heinlein, Debbie Ritter, Mona Price, Gary Atchison, Lena and Peyton Ingram, Aaliyah Irby and Myson Loveless.

Sunday visitors were Noel and Gary Atchison, Lena, Terrill and Peyton Ingram.