Good Monday morning to all my friends and neighbors.

My goodness we got a good rain didn’t we?

All the roads were washed so bad. We said a special pryaer for Leon cause I’ll bet his phone got hot from all the calls he was getting. Anyway Ethan took me to church cause I couldn’t get my car over some of the places in the road.

I said a lot of prayers concerning the water getting in my basement, but you know the Lord looked down on me and my basement stayed dry! I’m really thankful.

Well me and Ethan have been eating fish and fresh mushrooms, my goodness they’re good.

Then I go to the doctor and he tells me I need to lose weight! I know that, but it’s harder than one might think.

I guess you can surely tell by now that I don’t have any news. Just the same ole thing here on our hillside.

Well, I’ll sign off for now. Remember God loves you!