Well this has been a wonderful day. I really did enjoy the warmth.

We had good service at Frye Church. Bro. Jeff said he was going to preach at Girdner Church tonight.

The kids here took their boats and went to the lake. They brought home some fish and then before you know it the fryer was hot and Levi had the fish and french fries cooked. It sure did taste good. Randee Jo made sure the mess was cleaned up. James Hinrichs and Jordan Evans was here with the kids. They played games after they got the food ate. I think they all had a good time.

Ethan and his friends came in from fishing and he had to clean fish before he could go to bed. They all really did enjoy the nice day.

Well Monday morning and it’s kinda rainy.

Everybody is gone to work. I guess I’ll try to get a few little jobs done.

My goodness, where has the time gone? Fifty-five years ago tomorrow Carl and I got married.

Like I tell the kids there’s three little words “I Love You” and then there’s four little words “God has a plan.” I have to remind myself of them every once in a while.

Well no news here so I’ll sign off for now.

Remember God loves you.