Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Hello from our mountain. We had a wonderful service this weekend. We started with a nice crowd for church and getting ribbons to wear in remembrance of child abuse month. Donald preached about what part of your body was the most important. Now I am sure everyone has their own thoughts and idea. The message stressed the importance of your knees and how we should never be too proud to go on our knees in prayer to God. We all have wants and needs in our lives and the best way to get help from God is to humble ourselves in prayer “down on our knees.”

Our Sunday evening service was dedicated to child abuse. It was our youth night, and we had all the kids come up front with some help and lead the congregational singing. Wanda Hutchinson sang a very touching song which went along with our theme. We then went outside and set free some balloons with inspirational messages on them. After that we went insde and read a list of things that are good to do with your kids. We had each child take one and challenged them to do their activity with a parent or grandparent. We also told them we would like to see pictures next week. I can’t wait to see the results. Tammy Gunter found these on the internet, if interested I am sure she will let you know where to find them. She also found a list of things to do when you are feeling really stressed with your kids, Tammy and I took turns reading that list aloud. It can be found on the internet too. Please do your part to prevent child abuse. Start with praying for the child and their parent and if necessary take action.

We are starting a new young adult class. It will be the first Sunday of every month. It is for newlyweds, kids old enough to date and couples with young kids. Jon Mitchell will be teaching this class and we hope for a big turnout.

We are busy cleaning out by the creek down in front o the house; it is really starting to look good. Lots of people stop and look, but for some reason no one stops and offers to help. Oh, well, right now I am counting the raking and cutting twigs as my exercise, do you think my doctor will let me by with that?

This last weekend I went to the nursing home and visited with Aunt Max, Angie, Velda and Brother Bob. All seem to be doing okay. I know it will be better when the weather gets a little warmer. Bob said Howard has been down to see him this past week too. I know they all enjoy having people stop in and say hello.

I went to my grandkids last soccer game Saturday morning, Braxton and Alexis. It is so much fun to watch these little ones run around and kick that ball. Oh, to have all that energy again.

I think I have got all the news put in, so my final thoughts for  the week. Remember this is Child Abuse Month and we only have a few more days left of the month, but god wants us to love and cherish His children 365 days a year.