Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

As normal, I am a week behind. We had a great Easter weekend. We started out with breakfast at church. We fixed the works: sausage, biscuits and gravy, eggs and pancakes. We had a kitchen full of hungry people. Someone even made some cinnamon rolls, which I enjoyed. After we ate we sang a few songs and then Donald preached our Easter sermon. This was followed by Sunday school, led by Tammy Gunter and Jon Mitchell. We then had an egg and candy hunt, even had enough candy that the adults got to eat a few pieces. It was a good morning to serve God.

This Sunday our crowd was down a little. We wondered if we was going to have to cook breakfast to get the crowd to come back. It was still a good day in God’s house. I read some of the beatitudes in my Sunday school class, and had Evan memorize two of them. Sunday night Donald wasn’t able to be with us because Violet was ill again. We hope she is feeling better. Jon Mitchell brought the message. He gave a message to help strenghten the Christians. Sometimes we need that before we go out and face another work week.

We got some more of our black songs books, so we practiced a few more songs Sunday night. I know its hard to learn new songs, but we are finding some that have wonderful words in them.

I didn’t get to the nursing home this week, I played with grandkids instead. I played with Dustin and Tina’s kids Friday night and Saturday we went up to watch Shawn’s kids play soccer and then brought them home with us. It was a great weekend to get outside and enjoy this wonderful world God gave us.

I heard some of the kids from church went to the circus in Springfield, this weekend, I hope they had a good time. Spending time with our kids is precious time.

That’s all my news for this week. I hope you have some young people that you can spend time with, share your experiences and more important tell them about God’s love.