Dogwood Ramblings

We have had a couple of glorious days.  Sunday on my way home on Hwy 14 there were no vehicles behind me so I lollygagged and took in the scenery.  The Redbuds are so pretty, a true harbinger of spring.  So many of the various Oak trees are now showing buds, the promise of new life.  Most ponds are full to overfilling and the green of the fields and pastures holds promise of pastures and hay.  The cattle are showing signs of slicking off already.

Last week Jeff Reeves came out and did some sprucing up all around my place.  Jeff thinned and re-planted several Hostas that had become root bound, used his weed eater, cleaned up my back yard (a mess since the new dog had done some digging up of tree roots I thought buried).  He checked the eave troughs and found that Randy had done such a good job last fall they weren’t clogged.  Branches and twigs were removed.  More mowing is on my work list as some yard areas are looking ragged.

Sunday evening grandson Nick and wife called and asked me to join them in Ava for supper and we ended up at the Pizza Hut for good eats and good visiting.  I had some pizza to take home so stopped at Randy’s and dropped that off  when I realized mowing was being done there and got a nice big smile.  My fridge has plenty in it as I had made a big pot of potato soup and then a big pot of Italian beef soup.  I had taken some of each in to Fr. Paul and Deacon Joe on Sunday morning.  Some will go in the freezer.

Flooding has occurred in eastern Missouri, near the Mississippi.  Cousins in North Dakota and Minnesota write they are truly concerned about flooding as they continue to get more and more snow.  One cousin said the city of Fargo has already filled thousands of bags with sand as it seems pretty sure that area will flood, again!  Grandson Nick has been back here following the injury to his hand several weeks ago.  However, soon enough he’ll be going back to work in North Dakota.  Nick reminded me how when central North Dakota flooded last time the work in the oil fields was stopped and the Haliburton crews ended up helping those affected by the flooding.

Patsy Williams called for a visit.  They had another birthday gathering at Nick & Amanda’s to celebrate Aiden turning seven years old.  Quite a large group turned up for this cookout.  Then on Sunday, sixteen showed up at Patsy’s for visiting and a meal.  A tired Patsy still managed to get to evening church services.  Patsy remarked how much she liked last week’s column, especially the “anonymous” part.  She, like me, can relate to the aging process.

Bob Wagner calls me every few days just to make sure I am OK, especially if he doesn’t see me out and around.  I called him the other day around 8 a.m. when we were under tornado warning and oops! Woke him up!  Those weather radios are great and I recommend one for each household.

Some very good news came to me late Sunday evening.  Every day last week I was sending out prayer requests for Julane Williams as she underwent more than one heart surgery and was considered critical.  Well, by golly, on Sunday Mercy Hospital turned her loose, so to speak.  Julane is such a sweet lady, was a teacher in Ava for many years.  She will be staying with family for the next few days before returning to her home.  Prayer does help!  And it doesn’t hurt to send up a few thank you prayers!

Enough for now!  Until next week be well and do pray for all our families, neighbors and friends.