Dogwood Ramblings

In the twilight hours just before sleep when my prayers drift in and out, I come with such good ideas for this column and such good plans for spring cleaning the next day, etc.  Then, next day when I wake up all these brilliant ideas have disappeared like a puff of smoke.  It is said this is normal so perhaps you can relate.  Is this the norm for you?  On occasion these flittering thoughts return and I get a few things done, especially if I have written myself a note (a necessity these days).

Sunday was Arlene’s and my turn to provide refreshments after Mass.  I baked 6 big batches of cookies.  That means a lot of standing in the kitchen.  Next Sunday we will be having a potluck after Mass and the meats are being prepared by Scott Stark – the ladies of the church bringing side dishes.  As we come from different directions and distances, this is good for fellowship.

Monday was another Springfield day, seeing a doctor and my dentist, Dr. Guy Bates, who used to live in Ava and his sons went to school in Ava.

Enjoy the beautiful weather we have on occasion!  Until next week……

From the desk of Jamey Herd: Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church has had much sadness this past week. Elaina Nelson’s brother, Derran, passed away this past week and was buried on Saturday in the Owen Cemetery at Elkhead. Billy Joe and I and Pastor Carl attended the graveside service. Condolences go out to Sue Brown and family. On Friday Jim Cudney called to let us know that Tom Brown had passed away. Tom and Sue live down O highway close to Goodhope. Tom was a great musician and song writer and he will be greatly missed. His service will be in Ava on Wednesday.

There were a number of prayer request at church yesterday. Our prayers go out to all those that are sick and that have lost love ones. Pastor Carl was in the hospital for two days this past week with cellulitis in his leg. He is doing better now and delivered his sermon yesterday morning. Pat and her great-grandson and Debbi Williams with her new grandson were in service yesterday. Debbi also had her Dad and mom with her. Little Liam Williams and Leveta Ray went up to have Happy Birthday sang to them. I don’t think Liam quite understood what it was all about.

We are finally having a little taste of spring. Trees are starting to bloom, I could hear geese honking this morning, the wild turkeys are gobbling and several have had to mow their lawns. After the cold wet weather we have had the past couple of months, I am more than ready for some warmer weather. And as I write I hear our lawn mower going.

Connie Porter and I have joined a great group of quilters at Rogersville that meet twice a month. Also she has started a group in Ava that will meet once a month. I’ve been working on several unfinished quilts hoping to get them done soon. There are always new ideas that I just have to try.

Until next time, God Bless.