Dogwood Ramblings

What a busy, blessed, holy week, as well as a sad one for me.  A truly good friend passed away, a trip to the doctor was encouraging, a trip to the dentist found a couple of tiny cavities to be addressed (do they ever stop showing up?), baking, various Holy Week events, and a funeral.  I am semi-retired but it seems each day brings its busyness.   Multiples of phone calls from family and friends came as well as some of those political calls that ruffle my mane, along with mail requests for money.  When I answer the phone and there is a delay, it is a political one and wanting me to give them money.  No way!  I’ve had it!  I just hang up!

On Palm Sunday I was so pleased to see many of the Herrell family at church as they came from other areas to honor their mother, Dorothy.  Justin was a catechism student of mine many years ago.  Then he was a teacher, then principal of a Springfield school and now he is a superintendent of schools in Springfield.  It is so rewarding to see one of our very own succeed.  The other half or the family was here for Easter.

On Good Friday, Randy’s daughter, Miranda, came for a visit bringing her adorable twin 5 year old girls, Baileigh and Natalie.  There are a lot of twins in the girl’s ancestry but these two are not identical, much as they look alike and were born 4 hours apart.  The twin genetics in my ancestry goes back a few generations in Norway, and in 1957 I lost a set of twins.  Friday evening Randy and Kim grilled some salmon steaks for us.  Saturday these two went to Little Rock.

The Boeddeker clan came for Easter dinner, each bringing something to add to the meal.  I’m sure Patsy Williams had quite a few at her home for Easter and she seems to thrive on family gatherings.  As I’m sure you know, this means a lot of cooking and baking as well as an extra touch to cleaning.

Jamey Herd hasn’t been going anywhere for the past few weeks so she says has little to add to our column recently.  It would be great if more of you on this hill would let us know what is going on in your lives.  It doesn’t have to be “important” news, perhaps news of family and your church doings.

There have been a few incidents of vandalism in this area, on AK and O highways.  Shots have been fired causing people to scurry out of their beds to see what is going on.  This is NOT funny although I am sure the perpetrators were laughing their heads off while possibly drunk or drugged.

Patsy Williams called to say the family had a birthday party at Nick and Amanda’s place for their little Liam Brady Williams who turned two.  They did some grilling and had ice cream and cake for the many family members and friends who attended.

Until next week when hopefully I’ll have news from others….

From the desk of Jamey Herd: Pleasant Ridge Baptist enjoyed a good sunrise service even though we had to stay inside out of the rain. Billy Joe Herd read scripture about Christ resurrection in the absence of Pastor Carl. Pastor Carl is in the hospital with a rash on his leg. They diagnosed it as cellulitis but he is doing better and may be released tomorrow (Monday). Keep Pastor Carl in your prayers. We had a nice crowd for the sunrise service and an abundant spread of food was enjoyed by all. There were biscuits and gravy, breakfast casseroles, fruit salads, fruit breads, muffins and cinnamon rolls. Thanks to all the cooks for preparing so many good dishes.

We appreciate Brother Kenneth Morris for filling in for Pastor Carl in the morning service. It was good to have him and his wife in the service. He is a member of Cedar Gap Church at Seymour.

We’ve had so much crazy weather lately that I have mostly stayed home. Church was cancelled last Sunday with the snow flying and not knowing if the roads would get slick before church service was over. As it turned out it snowed all day and didn’t accumulate at all. You could see some snow on grassy areas and fence rows was all. Our son, Ron, just north of Rogersville reported he had over 2 inches though. In the Ozarks you can never predict the weather.

After church today we went to son, Ron’s, for a nice lunch with he and his family. The day was nice enough we were able to eat on the back deck.

Every day is a day the Lord has made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Till next week God Bless you.