County Line

My sympathy to the family of Pearl Stout.

Melanie Breeding, Megan and Macee have all been sick this week. Donna didn’t feel good on Wednesday.

Danny Bushong has been working in Kansas City.

My sister Jaunita Kazenske in Illinois called me on Wednesday.

Debra Reed of Kansas called me on Thursday.

Donna and Macee were here on Tuesday.

Donna, Megan and I went shopping Saturday.

Keith and Melanie Breeding, Megan and Macee went to Skyline Saturday evening to the benefits for Don Lunn Jr.

Reece Goforth went fishing Friday night at Tecumseh with Melanie Nelson of Norwood. Keith picked him up and fished awhile.

Reece, Quin, Chase and Bryse all stayed Saturday night with David and Donna.

Reece was baptized Sunday morning at church.

Melanie and Megan were here on Sunday afternoon.

Quin Breeding attended a birthday party for Lauren Ethridge on Sunday afternoon at the YMCA in Seymour.

Donna and Megan visited Amy Hill, Challa and Axle on Saturday.