Breedon Church

4-14-13. It is another beautiful day in the Lord. Flowers are blooming and everything is so green. The birds are singing their beauty and we are so every privileged to assemble here in the house of God.

Sunday school began with the reading of Psalms 126. Sister Sue Thomas gave the opening prayer before we proceeded on with our Sunday school lesson taken from II Corinthians, chapter 3. Paul is reviewing the law of Moses written on the tablets. We know it as the Ten Commandments. Paul speaks in the 5th verse, “Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves, bout our sufficiency is of God.” Even if we were to keep everyone of these laws, which we can’t, it would not be sufficient to save us from hell and seperation from God. This “Letter of law killeth, but the spirit giveth life” it says in the end of the 6th verse. And Paul tells them this law was so glorious that when Moses came down from the mountain with such a glow to his face he had to cover it with a vail so people could look upon him. The 14th verse said, “their minds were blinded: for until this day remaineth the same vail untaken away in the reading of the Old Testament; which vail is done away in Christ.” Christ fulfiulled the law that was given for a school master leading up to a coming Savior and thanks be unto God that He is here ready to save. Please hearken to that still small voice as it quickens your heart to be welcomed in. This is the only way back to an Almighty God and an eternal home in heaven for the absolute very best of our works is not enough. They are filthy rags before a perfect God and judge. Jesus is to the believing Christians a mediation or some would liken Him to a lawyer that will plead your case before God the all righteous judge. If you don’t ask Him into your heart, you will have no mediatior and your sins will be uncovered thus making hell and seperation from God your eternal destination.

Our service changed to worship in song and sweet fellowship followed by a sermon from II Corinthians the 6th chapter which complimented our lesson. Instruction is given to the people of Corinth to not unequally yoke themselves to unbelievers because how can you have fellowship and communion with them. Still, we are commissioned to love the sinner, but not the sin. We are the lights that is the only light of Jesus left in a world of darkness to point the lost to Him. Let us as believers continue to pray for the lost and be ready to be a witness showing them by God’s Holy world the way unto salvation.

God be with you all this week and may His blessings be upon you and your families.