Bethany Baptist Church

The folks at Bethany Baptist Church were pleased to have visitors, Sunday morning, and even more visitors Sunday evening for the Fellowship Supper and the presentation of the Easter Cantata. Some of the visitors had come from the Gainesville area, some from Mansfield and one whose home is in Alaska. The people at Bethany Baptist Church are noted for being friendly and like to have visitors turn into “Family.” They are also noted for being good cooks.

The Jubilee Singers, who are directed by Dan Stillings, worked through several cases of seasonal coughs and flu, but were able to present the Easter Cantata without going into coughing fits. The Jubilee Singers are few in number, but great in desiring to glorify God with their music. Those who want to do special music go to the church for instruction and practice starting at 4:15 Sunday afternoons.

Pastor Sorensen’s Resurrection Sunday message was, “Hallelujah He Lives!! Jesus died at the hands of men who unknowingly were carrying out God’s plan that Jesus the Son of God would shed his own blood to pay for the sins of the world. But Jesus arose from the dead and is alive now as the living hope for those who trust in him. Jesus lives everywhere his people are in need or trouble. Christians who have suffered greatly, going through much tribulation, still testify that “Jesus was with me all the way.”

Jesus lives at the place of prayer. You can never reach higher than when you are down on your knees for that is how you access God’s throne. Prayer is the secret of a successful Christian life, because Jesus lives along the road of Christian duty where duty turns to joy. Jesus lives with those who bear his cross, faithfully enduring through the trials of life, hoping to hear the words, “Well done.”  Jesus lives with those who go down to the valley of the shadow of death, for he does not keep them there but takes them through to the other side.

Next Saturday, April 6 there will be a church work day starting at 9:00 AM. A lot of  work goes in to keeping the church building and yard looking good. A lot of that work may go unnoticed, but we think that God knows and will reward the faithful workers.

The Young Women N Christ will meet again Monday afternoon at 3:30 for more fun activities and a serious Bible study.