We’ve had a busy week. Last Friday, Bob and Linda took me to Springfield for a doctor appointment, then Friday evening Barby and Andy Williams visited with us.

Saturday at McDonald’s we visited with friends and Linda’s granddaughter, Jenna and friend, Megan. Saturday night Barb and Jack came over for a while and visited.

Sunday, we visited the Cowboy Church where Bob’s grandson, Chris and family, go and enjoyed the music, service and friends. After church, we visited with grandson, Buster, while in town.

We’re so thankful that my niece, Margaret and Delmar, are safe after their flood and thank all those that helped rescue them.

Monday, son, Bob, came and replaced some floor in my bedroom. I am so glad to get it done.

Monday evening, Linda’s granddaughter, Jenna and friends, Megan and Josie, visited with her and Bob and myself. We sure enjoyed their company.

Our sympathy goes to the Denny and Flynn families, and others who have lost loved ones.

Hello to all my friends and family away from here and until next week, God bless.