Ava Senior Center

Our activities around the Center this week include:  Monday—Jam session 6-9, Extension exercise class 10-11.  Tuesday—OATS bus to Ozark, DCCA Board Meeting 12:30.  Wednesday—OATS bus in and around Ava, Pinochle Tournament 12:30, Extension exercise class 10-11.

Our pitch tournament on Tuesday, April 2 had these individuals as winners:  Janell Mische (182), Max Decker (174) and Connie Osburn (171).  We were only able to play four games but had six tables.

The best way to give osteoarthritis knee pain the boot is by shedding a few pounds.  Combining a low-calorie diet with exercise can slash your knee pain by 50%.  Do 30 minutes of walking and 20 minutes of strength-training three times a week, plus a five minute warm-up and cool down.  For your diet, cut out about 300 calories at each meal or cut out snacks.

We appreciate the Ava Assembly of God Church  (Buddy Boyd, Vanessa Thomas, Ted Storie, Ben and Maureen Ball, Sam Frye, and Mr. Barnett) for coming to the Center and volunteering to help unload the Senior Meal Box program food on the first Mondays.

The Jam Session on Monday nights continues to be well received by the community.  More singers are coming in and the attendance continues to be about 80.  Snacks and sandwiches are plentiful.  People are coming from Fordland, Thornfield, Norwood, Battlefield, Mtn. Grove and even Arkansas to participate or just to listen.  We appreciate the many that help move chairs and clean up and get the Center ready for the next day.

The menu for this week includes, but not limited to:  Monday, April 8—Polish sausage, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, peas, brownie.  Tuesday, April 9—Liver and onions, mashed potatoes, hominy, bread, pudding.  Wednesday, April 10—Cashew chicken, rice, egg roll, Oriental vegetables, cookie.  Thursday, April 11—Cook’s Choice.  Friday, April 12—Ham, sweet potatoes, peas, roll, sherbet.

Give your aching eyes a bedtime treat by using a homemade hot compress.  To make, just fill a nylon stocking with a cup of uncooked rice, then tie a yarn or ribbon right above the rice.  Heat in a microwave and place on your eyes at bedtime to increase the oil secretions.

We also appreciate the churches that have kept our Center in their prayers during the sequestering of funding.  We are still in limbo and don’t know what the future of our programs hold. We appreciate the Ava General Baptist church who made a donation to our Miles for Meals program.

Hospice Compassus will be doing a program on April 16, 2013 at 11:00 on Healthcare Directives.  You are invited to come and listen.

Pitch and pinochle tournaments are held monthly and we invite you to come and join in on the fun.

Happy birthdays go out to Betty Kennedy on April 9 and Sybil Heckendorn on April 11.

Until next week, have a good one!