Ava Place

Spring has certainly sprung!  Flowers are in the flower boxes and we have started our garden.  Hummingbird feeders have been hung and residents are enjoying spending lots of their time on the front patio.  What an amazing time of year!  We are enjoying several new activities including exercise with Beverly on Monday and Friday mornings at 9 am.  This past week we celebrated David Mattheson’s birthday,  as well as a few of our staff members Jane and Julie.  Coming up this next week Samantha and Cindy celebrate theirs.  Our Facebook page has been getting more traffic.  We appreciate all the comments you leave behind on all the pictures.  We try to put up as many as we can as often as we can.  If you haven’t stopped by there yet, please do!  AvaPlaceMO@facebook.com.  This week we will be going on an outing to enjoy all the beautiful spring colors.  We will also be spending some time on Saturday learning about and enjoying the birds of Missouri.  We appreciate the donation of all the Birds and Blooms magazines.  Our Bingo volunteers are staying busy, Connie and Elaine are here every Monday, Jayma or Virginia come on Tuesdays and Babs calls on Fridays.  We have been playing horseshoes and darts, as well as, an occasional hand of Gin.  If you play cribbage we have a resident that would enjoy a friendly game.  Feel free to stop by!  We appreciate all your support and be sure to honk and wave as you go bye!  God bless….