All Around Bradleyville

I got twenty-five strawberry plants set out over the weekend. As usual I had put the cart before the horse and ordered the plants before I had anywhere prepared to plant them. I rounded up several old tin washtubs that I have used for flower planters and got some good soil in them and planted. I have had the plants for a couple of weeks and I was afraid half of them would be dead, but all twenty-five were alive and putting out shoots and leaves, so I am dreaming of my own fresh strawberries and maybe some jam somewhere in the future.

I also found a plastic bag with peony roots in it that I had bought way back when they first put them out. They didn’t look as good as the strawberry plants but I planted them anyway so we’ll see if they sprout. The rest of my peonies are already a foot tall. I can’t believe how fast everything grows with just a few days of warmer weather.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Bill Hurst who passed away last Saturday. He was family, and he was Bob’s coon hunting buddy for many years. I never saw Bill without a big smile on his face. I know he will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him.

I missed writing the news items the last couple of weeks. Last week Julie, Garrett and I were in Wichita Falls, Texas, visiting Scott where he is in Tech School at Sheppard AFB. He will be there another month then will transfer to Whiteman AFB in Missouri for another two months before he comes home. We had a wonderful time and got to take Garrett to a railroad museum. They had several different styles of engines and railroad cars. I think our favorite was the old black engine that looked like it came right out of a western movie. Garrett was very excited to get to see and walk on the choo choos.

After we returned home Julie went to her regular doctor appointment and was promptly put in the hospital due to complications with her pregnancy and is in the perinatal intensive care unit at Cox in Springfield. She will probably have to stay for the remainder of her pregnancy, which would normally be around twelve more weeks if she doesn’t have the babies earlier. Please remember this little family in your prayers.

Bradleyville High School held Junior-Senior Prom last Friday night at the Hilton Hotel in Branson. Granddaughter Danielle Crouch came by the house before she left for prom and I got to take some pictures of her. Of course I thought she was absolutely beautiful in her prom dress. I saw pictures of several more beautiful girls and handsome guys on facebook. It looked like everyone had a fantastic time.

Birthdays for the coming week include: April 19: MacKenzie Gilbert, Matthew Maggard, Savannah Norwine, Waylon Stafford; April 20: Tanner Lux; April 21: Kelsey Horner; April 22: Braydon Maggard, April 23: Misty Harmon; April 24: Bradley Combs, Courtney Laughlin.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: April 23: Mac and Hester McBratney; April 24: Sam and Nona Norwine.