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“I find then a law that when I would do good, evil is present with me,” Romans 7:21.

Sympathy to the families of Falecia Pfister and Carol Frye.

A couple of weekends ago Dan and Sug Norviel from Hickory Ridge Arkansas visited with Eddie and Linda Sears.

Last Sunday afternoon Ralph and Dana Brazeal went to Mountain Grove for Logan David’s birthday party. He was 11 years old on the 25th.

Sickness is still going strong. I still haven’t got over mine.

A couple of weeks ago, Larry Haynes was airlifted to a Springfield hospital. The doctor had to put a few stents in the heart.

Paul and Honie Johnson came down Tuesday evening. I made Honie her flavor foods for her birthday.

We have had a lot of rain and than we had that pretty snow Tuesday.

Gary and I went to Ava Friday and visited with his sister, Vicki Goodman and his mother, Maxine Turner.

Sunday afternoon Gary and I went and visited with Wilford, Rose and Parker Clayton.

Sunday when I went to church I found out my friend, Pam Stoker, and her husband was trying to cross Haskins Ford on South D Highway Tuesday morning and the car was swept off the bridge and they had to be rescued.

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