Getting accustomed to the time change is taking some time on my part, but it is easier than setting an hour back when Nov. comes. When I hear what advantage it really brings, I might accept it more easily.

We are having unsettled weather this early March. The robins are busy making nests, and have been moving in toward my martin box,  which other birds had invaded, causing more problems for the robins and martins which have just arrived. These birds catch lots of insects  and are welcome.

‘Lilly Ridge Church hosts the Little Vine Association meeting this Friday evening at 7:30 and on Saturday morning at 9:00. Lunch will be served Saturday noon, in our fellowship hall.

Gainesville First Baptist Church hosts the Ladies Prayer Breakfast this Saturday at 10:00. All churches are invited and enjoy getting together.

Sympathy is expressed in the loss of a Gainesville resident, Elizabeth Rogers, who was a member of Gainesville Eastern Star.

Best wishes to Jerry Crawford, who had by-pass surgery recently, and others who have health problems.

There are lots of fishermen coming to the lake as white bass fishing is at hand. The Udall Lake will be a big attraction for sure.

It seems the flu bug is affecting lots of folks and is more wide spread than usual this time of year.

Theresa Bridges came from Kansas City Friday, and stayed until Sunday morning with her mother, Ernestine Gaddy, who has been very sick, and came near to having pneumonia, a doctor told her. Best wishes for a complete recovery soon.

Best wishes to Marlyn and Charlene Pitcock, of Forsyth, who have health problems and water heater repair or replacement doesn’t help. Charlene has a case of shingles, which is hard to deal with.

Gainesville Eastern Star Chapter met Monday evening with dinner at 6:30 and meeting at 7:30 for their regular meeting. The 2nd Monday and 4th Monday nights are regular ones and all members are encouraged to attend.

A thought to ponder is “It is really not too bad to have a problem, because the only people who don’t are in the cemetery”.