Palm Sunday was really a chilly day here in the Ozarks.

Mearl and Beaulah Satterfield, Doug and Karen Livingston went to Pierce Arrow Show Saturday evening and while in the Branson area they visited George and Mary Boze, and Geneva and David King.

Kris Luebbert and granddaughter, Alexus from Lindsborg and Salina, Kansas are visiting me this week.

Dave and Karen Davis had supper with us Saturday evening and visited.

Best wishes to Hilda Simpson recovering from kidney cancer surgery in Columbia, Missouri hospital she had a week ago. Our prayers are for her to make a complete recovery and her normal activities soon.

Kris Luebbert and Alexus and I visited Marlyn Pitcocks, at Forsyth Monday.

Bob Bryant is in Springfield hospital receiving treatment. Best wishes.

Best wishes to the Mayberry family as Josh was at church Sunday and brought his daughter Elizabeth, but Samantha was home with Laryme, who had strep throat last week, and baby Lillian. We missed them.

News is scarce this week so maybe we wil have more next week.