Here in Peckerwood Hollar we got almost seven inches of snow Thursday evening. It could have been more if it had not of melted when it hit the ground the first few hours. It was a beautiful snow. The kids and I made a snowman.

Norma Cross, Kenny Hunt and I went to Ozark Tuesday to see our Aunt Vi Twibble. She lives in the senior apartments. We have two aunts living  her and Ann O’brine who lives in Kansas City, Missouri. We took Aunt Vi out for lunch. She is 94 years old. She lives by herself. She goes to church and Bible study weekly. Another niece, Renee St. John drives her when she needs to go to the doctor, etc.

Plainview’s 3rd and 4th grades played in Bradleyville Monday and Tuesday evening last week. The fourth grade won their games. My grandson plays for the fourth grade, Kyle Thompson.

Norma and Kenny visited with Peggy Jenkins and others Wednesday.

A couple of Kinsey Thompson’s friends came by Friday. Their pickup was the first to drive up our road. I don’t think it was slick, but I didn’t need anything from the store so we just stayed in.

The benefit for Richard Mithcell Saturday went really good. Lots of people turned out. Someone said there was 32 volleyball teams there. They didn’t finish until after midnight. There was food all day and evening Saturday.

Tony Richards and Kelly Thompson made summer sausage out of the deer meat Dick had prepared to fix after deer season last fall. It turned out very good. Dick had several projects planned that won’t get done.

There was over 100 people who came out to help Edna Hawkins celebrate her 100th birthday Saturday afternoon in the Goodhope General Baptist Church dining hall. Edna lives with her son, Garman, in Sparta. Lavern Hall, Edna’s daughter planned the party with help from other family members. She had three long tables full of all kinds of appetizers, crackers, chips, dip, etc. Also three sheet cakes and a big birthday cake, coffee, soda and tea.

Tom Brown was back in the hospital last week. He is about the same. He is still in lots of pain. Freeda Richards feels better but weather kept her out of church yesterday. There are people still on the sick list.

Sorry to hear of Jo Engelhardt’s death. She hasn’t been well for a long time.

I John 1:9, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”