Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Today, St. Patrick’s Day, we had a big crowd in church, especially young children.

Today’s addition to the prayer list:  Van and Sharon Renfrow, Carla and Erin Bates, Billie Marler, Sharon Marler, Terry Short, Jerry Lee, Kenny Northcutt, Becky Cottengim, Ernie Dobson, and Sue Durden.

The choir did a special.

It was good to see Roy and Lola Dennis in church today, and Lola once again has brought beautiful spring flower arrangements for the church.

Sunday school lesson, taught by David Housley, was a good one for all of us, “Think before you speak”.

Helen Batten received a card from the church since it was her birthday.  Max Guilliams had a birthday also.

A special song was sung by eight children.  Children song leaders today were:  Tammi, Sandy and Virginia Housley and Helen Batten.  Helen taught Children’s Church today.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Saturday, March 23, 11 a.m.-Easter egg hunt and craft party in church basement.  Community children invited.  Call Helen Batten if you would like to attend: 417-250-0917/ 683-5657 or Sandy Housley at 926-4687 or 417-259-1034.   March 31- EASTER Sunday –donuts, juice, coffee, fruit at 10 a.m./ Communion at 11 a.m. and Foot Washing at 7 p.m.  Senior Retreat May 13, 14, 15- contact Pat Moore if you would like to attend (746-4751).

Bro. Rick’s sermon:  Hebrews 4: 13-16.  “We all have infirmities.  We are all afraid of something.  On show ‘Family Feud’ they asked what Big Strong Men were afraid of- some answers were:  spiders, snakes, and women.  You can’t fool God, and you can’t hide things from him.  God understands us, and Jesus experienced in the flesh what you and I have gone through or are going through.  Some of the things he experienced were:  (1) being physically tired; (2) being weary and tired of living in a sin-laden world; (3) being politically correct- and trying not to offend people; (4) feeling forgotten- some people have no one who cares about them; (5) being taken advantage of; (6) being betrayed; and (7) being rejected.  Jesus was tempted, betrayed, and rejected, etc.  He will say, ‘I know exactly what you are going through’.  He will be there to help you through your hardships and trials”.