Quad Cities

3-12-13. Dear Readers: Does it seem like it should be this late in March? It’s true that time flies faster the older you get, when you want to savor every minute. Younger people will find out. But for most younger people, they’re so busy all the time, I think it goes fast now. With their jobs, keeping a home, going and kids. I’m sure glad people have their kids when they’re younger. What on earth would we do if we had them when we’re older? We might forget where we put them. Ha.

We’re still having winter here. 26 degrees this morning and has still been snowing and raining. The rain has melted most of the snow now, so with that and the rain it’s a big mud hole out there. I had to call the post office and have them hold my mail again and I’ve held my mail twice. I was supposed to go to Tipton to the doctor yesterday and got a call from clinic that she was sick. So am now supposed to go next Monday, the 18th. I’m supposed to go to Lisa’s restaurant on Saturday for my birthday dinner and try to meet some of my family there. Some of them have to work that weekend. Saw Jared and Zoie last weekend when Jared came out to buy a bow from Walt. Zoie is learning to knit at school and she brought her yarn and thread and needles to let me show her how to cast on and cast off and I couldn’t remember. It’s been a long time since I knitted. I usually crochet. I have one of my books that shows the direction. I’m glad Zoie is getting interested in crafts. I gave her some more beads too.

Being that the ice and mud are froze this morning we’re going to get out and go to Tipton and get some things done and get my mail at the post office. It’s been a long time since we’ve been anywhere. Tomorrow I have a doctor appointment in Davenport and I hope I can keep it this time. Then Thursday we go to Cities for our monthly trip, then to Muscatine on Saturday for my birthday. It will be good to get out again. It’s supposed to start warming up in the long range forecast. Walt came in yesterday and said the “naked ladies” are coming up. That’s early for them. I hope they don’t freeze. I am afraid they will.

I’ve been like a bump on a log this winter and not in the mood to do anything. I’ve now started sorting through things again. I sure don’t like to, but I’m trying to find my paint brushes so I can paint some pictures. I found the paint and guess I’ll buy some more brushes today. I’m in the mood to paint and want to try to get some painted before the mood changes. It’s been about (over) twenty years since I did that so there’s no telling what kind of mess I’ll make doing that.

Walt’s daughter, Berta, was sick and got dehyrdrated and had to go to the hospital and get ivs. Other than that, as far as I know our families are okay. We’re always thankful for that. Well the old clock on the old wall doesn’t wait for anyone so I better start getting to go before the ground starts to thaw out.

So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.