Let me begin this correspondence on a somber note from this community. We have all been saddened by the tragic loss of dear, Barbara Burks. She was such a fine lady and friend to so many. Seems just like the other day, we were visiting at the Christmas Eve service at the Chateau Charmant about our families and the neighborhood. Guess, that was a couple of years back now. She loved her family and many of you may recall that she was the granddaughter of Webster County’s last living Civil War veteran, George Lawson (who was from Fordland).

We are also sad to note the passing of Helen Hale. She was a longtime member of the Fordland community and lived near some of our dear friends and family for many years. God Bless both families at this time.

The hillsides and slopes are well covered with snow as I write. Little children always love to slide up and down these hills and hollers, whenever we get a large snow. Most of the rural church’s called off Sunday morning services, it has been forever since we have not had church on Palm Sunday. Seemed strange to just be at home next to the heater, however, it sure felt good and warm.

We have learned that we are having 2 new great grandsons. Two of our grandchildren announced this great news this week. One, our oldest grandson (Nicholas) and his wife, had thought they were having a girl. However, they had a 3D ultrasound and learned that they were in fact having a boy. They have decided on the name, Jackson Carter-Wayne Inman. They were in shock and so was the rest of the family, including big sister, Reagan. It was a great thing that Sarah’s mother gave them the 3D ultrasound as their baby present, allowing them to learn before everything was ready in pink! We are excited to welcome both of the new additions this year. Granddaughter, Jeanee will be having the other great grandson and we are so happy to learn of her news. She is the daughter of our oldest son, Jerry and his wife, Jeri.

A Happy 80th birthday to my sister, Violet Towne. Many of you remember Violet and her late husband, Lyle. They lived in this area for many years at Dogwood and she grew up here as well. She now lives with her daughter in Idaho.

It was nice to see Olga included in a several section printed about county history. There was a simple picture of Kindall Store, then and now. It was nice to see that we are remembered here.

I appreciate prayers for our great grandson, Colton Plaster. He had to have both his hips replaced in St. Louis recently. I traveled to the hospital there with daughter, Janice Morris and we joined other members of the family there as well. God has really been working on him physically. He has been in a wheel chair all of his little life and he is only 9 years old and has cerebral palsy. He always has such a great outlook. He is a blessing. He appreciates those from his elementary school in Ozark for helping construct a ramp at his home for him. He is the son of our granddaughter, Bridget Plaster. Please continue to remember him in your prayers as he heals.

We cannot wait to see the little ones in this area, hunting for eggs.

Sure hope to see you all out this way in the near future and have a blessed Easter.