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Oak Grove Church

This Sunday was a really chilly Sabbath and we were few in number, even though we had some very welcome visitors, and a good time in the Lord.

We received a good report from our mission outreaches to the Philippines and Honduras. Both were full of good news about new additions to the body of Christ and ongoing plans for the days ahead.

In the month we are looking at the first days of Spring and Resurrection Sunday, come and join us in worship and praise to the Lord. Our planned message for next Sunday is entitled, “Christ’s” and I think you will receive a blessing if you come to hear about those things which are “Christ’s” and we hope you are as well.

The planned evening message for next Sunday is, “Christ’s Ability.” There are many abilities He alone has, we will discuss a few. By the way, you may have noticed there seems to be a theme to our message, and yes, “He is the theme.”

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