Norwood Gleanings

Howdy. Well, I think Friday morning the peepers weren’t peeping and the gobblers were probably quiet as church mice. The good thing about it snowing in spring is that it doesn’t stay long.

Prom turned out fun for all. Our Best Dressed Couple for the night was J.D. Chadwell, son of Doug and Tracy Chadwell, and Madison Crain, daughter of Shannon and Julie Crain. Speaking of Mr. Shannon Crain, he is now going to be our new superintendent next year. His family is so excited.

The King was Derek Davis, son of Lee and Tina Davis. The Queen was Dalaine Schraeder, daughter of Rick and Nicki Schraeder, and she also won best dressed female. Coach Duey did his traditional dance called the “Duey Shuffle.” Alice said it looked like he was having a seizure, ha ha!

The hunter safety course was canceled on the 23rd and I will tell you when they reschedule in the future.

Talked to Connie at the post office and the lobby is going to be open 24 hours within the next two weeks. They have a little bit of construction left, that’s why you see bars on the window. When you go in, it’s not because Connie is being locked up.

Joe Ross was cutting wood last Thursday and his truck caught on fire. He got out without getting hurt and managed to get his saw. Grandma Kathlene was pretty upset about the fire. He was cutting at her place. If you need a number to call for a fire, just call 911 and they will automatically ring into the Norwood Fire Dept.

Our anniversary this week are Stacy and LeAnn (Atchison) Rogers on the 25th and they have been married 13 years. Her brother, Roman and his wife Jennifer (Batten) Atchison, were married on the 26th, and they have been married 8 years. Robert and Doris Richardson will celebrate 61 years on the 28th. Chris and Mark Upshaw will celebrate on the 29th and Jason and Amber (Parmenter) Williams will celebrate 12 years on the 30th.

Fun Facts: The First Baptist Church held a baptism on July 11, 1965. The newly constructed baptistery was dedicated with Sally Cole, Margaret Shores, and Jerry Ray Tyrrell being the first to receive the ordinance of baptism. Bro. Jim Hylton brought the dedicatory message.

Thought: Three kinds of people in the world. 1st, the Will’s; 2nd, The Wont’s; and 3rd, the Cant’s. The 1st accomplish everything. 2nd Oppose everything; and 3rd fail in everything.

Until next week, God bless our little town.