Norwood Gleanings


Can’t wait for spring, which is the 20th of this month. Elms begin blooming, turkeys start to gobble and the spring peepers (frogs) start talking. The end of this month the ruby throated hummingbirds begin to arrive. Spring is the beginning of new life which also reminds me of Good Friday. Jesus was crucified and Easter is the 31st when He arose.

The kids are out of school on Good Friday the 29th. I’m glad to see they still honor that.

Just wanted to say happy late birthday to Joe Locke (tractor man). He was 78 years old as of March 13.

The senior dinner at the church began this month on the 12th. There was 21 present. Those attending were Joe Locke, Jack Barnett, Joan Williams, Jr. and Alberta Steinart, Zach Williams, Jack Chadwell, Leon Pendergrass, Donna Sue, Denver, Linda and Shirley Cottengim, Phil and Sue Durden, Ruth Bradshaw, Bonita Baney, Delta Forrest, Earlene Dennis, Linda VanderBogart, and Ronnie and Janet Atchison.

The next dinner is April 9 at 11:30. Hope to see you there.

Election day is coming up April 2. I will announce next week what we are voting on.

Paul, Linda, Alan and Carolyn Greenfield all got together and went on a cruise to South America. Mama Alline said that know matter how old your children get, you still worry. She’s glad their back.

My brother Tim and his wife Annett (Harp) Bruffett just got back from Myrtle Beach, SC. They went with some friends, Dale and Stephanie Bailey. They also toured a plantation in Georgetown, SC and went to tour a battleship in Wilmington, NC.

Got a call from Elsie Curtis. Her grandson Andy Brown was diagnosed with Leukemia 1st stage and her brother-in-law, Jimmy Smith was diagnosed with cancer.

I also heard that Sharon Marler and Paul McIntosh were having some medical problems too. We wish you all better health.

Our anniversary this week, first my uncle Bill and Aunt Susie Parmenter had an anniversary on the 9th and were married a whoppin’ 52 years.

Tyler and Lori Mills celebrate on the 21st and Bill and Linda Kelly celebrate on the 22nd.

Fun Facts: There was a meeting by Rev. Golnin Chadwell on Oct. 17, 1903 for the purpose of organizing a Baptist church. On Jan. 23, 1904, Rev. W.J. Laster was chosen at a salary of $5.00 per month.

Thought: Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

If you have any news, give me a call 746-1112.

Until next week, God bless our little town.