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Howdy. We had a good rain Monday night. I believe it rained almost all night long. The kids got their wish. No school on Tuesday, with a little snow. We got a little over 2 1/2 inches.

Wanda Helms has been moved from Columbia Hospital to the Mountain Grove nursing home, so the family can go by and see her. She is not doing very well at all.

Last week the paper talked about a woman seriously injured. Her name was April A. Dillard. She was a sister to Steve Connell and Barbara Delcour’s daughter. I did not know that. She is still in Cox if anyone would like to go see her.

Don’t forget to set your clocks Saturday night, the 9th, when you go to bed. A good way to remember which way to set them is spring forward and fall back.

Connie Dugger told me starting March 23 the window hours at the post office are going change. The window will be open 8 to 12, then closed 2 hours and re-open from 2 to 4. They are keeping Saturday hours the same, 8:30 to 10 a.m. and they also are looking into keeping the lobby open 24 hours, but they have some improvements to make on the lobby first.

Friday was the last day of Lazy Lees. The Malones were in business 28 years. Carla said she’s going to work and Lee is going fishing. We wish you luck.

A very proud grandmother called to tell me that her great grandson, Mason Ross, son of Joe and Ashley Ross, turned 6 years old. Happy birthday, Mason!

The 27th there was two couples celebrating their anniversaries. Alan and Amy Pritchard were married 20 years and Bob and Linda Cottengim were married 53 years. That is something to be proud of. Lee and Sue Forrest’s anniversary on the 9th of March and Curtis and Elaina Prewett will be married 24 years on March 11.

My neighbor Alline Greenfield fell this week, checking her light in the well house. She’s sore, but she’s mending. Her brother, Ray Ussery, called her. He is having mini strokes and no longer can drive. There was 8 children, and 3 sets of twins.

The building across from Liberty Faith was sold to Jim and Joyce Johnston that own Hillbilly Holler. They plan to move their business in the near future.

I figure some men can be found near the water. Trout season opened Friday. I’m glad that’s one hobby that my husband doesn’t do or I would never see him.

Fun Facts:

A United Brethren preacher from Kansas held a successful revival in the Grand Army Hall north of the tracks. Following the close of the meeting, a fund was started which resulted in the building of the Methodist Church on the hill on C Hwy. The land was donated by J.M. Ellis, where a living stable once stood. In early spring, 1906 the church was complete. The church still continues to do the Lord’s work and brother Ura Hardin from Mountain Grove is the pastor.


Try to go one day without saying anything negative. Bet you can’t do it! Oops!

Until next week, God bless our little town.

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