Mt. Tabor Church

We were glad to have our visitors Sunday morning, several from Brother Ric and Lisa’s family that were here for his mother’s funeral. We had many prayer requests, and especially the bereaved.

Brother Ric read James 4:13-17, with the title, “Keep God In Your Plan.” We can make lots of plans and have many good intentions, but if this does not coincide with God’s plan for us, we are going to be disappointed in the outcome.

The church prepared lunch for the Engelhardt family before the service at the church for Josephine Engelhardt. The was a large group of family and friends attending.

Our Easter Sunrise service will begin at 7 a.m. with Brother Ric as our speaker. Please join us if you don’t have a church to attend. There will be breakfast and Sunday school following.

Mae Cox is continuing to gain in health, looking very good. Her visitors this week were Pat Lansdown, and Kay Hutchison. As always, Donna is in and out through the week. Mae’s room mate, Chloe Wilson, was celebrating her birthday, and had lots of cards and beautiful flowers from her family.

Brother Tom Johnson is also a resident there at this time. He is recuperating from pneumonia and is getting therapy to help him improve his walking ability.

Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock’s company this week was Wes and Pat Smith, Jim Hathcock and Brother Marvin and Faye Wray. Mary Ann is not doing too well at this time.

MaKayla and Logan Elliott spent Saturday with Tom and Jewell Elliott. Shaun picked them up later in the afternoon. Albert and Doris Elliott and James Elliott also visited on Saturday.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown entertained Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lansdown and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Aborn Saturday evening.  Pat and Ronnie were in West Plains Tuesday evening to spend time with their grandchildren while their parents were working.

Visitors with Myrl Cox this past week were Paul Cox, Jeanne Cox, Jenna and Jessie Davis, Kevin and Haley Richards and Garrett, Melanie Gray, and Norma Bogart.

Kay Hutchison and Jewell Elliott visited John and Jo Stephens last Friday evening.

Bill Johnson stopped by to see Harold Hutchison Sunday morning.