Little Creek

And the good rains came for which we felt abundantly blessed.  We all had much to thank our Lord for and we did so in unison in church Sunday morning.

Our class was very good with much discussion which always makes things more interesting.  We started in Luke and studied of the blessing of Zechariah and Elizabeth when their son was given them in their old age.  God had plans for John and withheld his birth until the time was right.  We do not always understand the plans of God but must trust that He knows best.  Julie and Julia sang a beautiful special and Burr gave a lesson from many chapters in the bible.  The sabbath was a good day.

We have more and more on our prayer list.  And Lois Burton Cunningham was added.  I got a long letter from one of my best friends, Ms. Betty Burton.  She told me Lois’ cancer had returned.  Lois is a Little Creek native and the same age as Ruth Brown, Orville Degase, and Granville Beasley.  Granville is on Hospice care now as his son keeps us informed.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Betty lives with daughter Lynda and Rex Hesterlee in Arkansas.  She says she appreciates her home there and of course she loves her children but I could tell that she longs for her Missouri home.  It seems those who leave for various reasons always return or would like to come “home”.  We all have known and loved Betty for as long as we have lived and we miss her just as she misses us.  But as we grow older we adjust and accept the necessary help of our children and we appreciate everything they do but we keep the lives we lived at “home” always alive in our hearts.  And the place where we were young and raised our family is the memory that lasts the longest.

Betty plans to see us all soon when she comes to visit here son Gary and family.

And I got a letter from Lorene Rippee Maloney.  She tells me of the death of Luther and Lana Miller Rippee’s son from a heart attack.  They have two sons still in Michigan.  Lorene will have hip replacement soon and requests prayer.

I talked this morning to my sister Jo and she said Scotty, her grandson, and his girl friend came during the weekend and spent the night.  He helped brother Brian repair some things on the barn.  Jo is expecting Randall to be home off the truck for a few days.

I haven’t got news from Jean because I didn’t remember to get her news Sunday evening.  They had to be in Branson this Monday morning for Jim to have cataract surgery at 8:00.  So due to the early hour and the time change Saturday night, they must have lost much sleep.

My daughter Karen and my granddaughter Nikki, came Saturday evening and visited a couple hours.  They had been busily putting in seed into the greenhouse and getting the aspargas taken care of and the garden work done.  Karen and Greg and Tim and Wendy Thompson went to Baker’s Seed Company and bought their herloom seed Sunday.  It was a rainy day for an outing but warm.

This Monday morning seems cold but my yard has been full of Robins, the heralds of Spring. Everyone is anticipating the beauty and joy of natures renewing.

Kasey visited me Friday.  He brings me a Lotto ticket every week.  And Charles came last week to bring me fresh eggs.  Karen also brought me eggs since their hens, or I must amend that to read Greg’s girls, have begun to lay again.  So I have the good eggs again, the kind you like to cook and to eat.  I only use the pale eggs from the store in cooking and so I have been having good breakfasts again.  In fact, I had breakfast for dinner yesterday.

Burr came and shared coffee a few mornings when he came to put pellets in my stove.

Lorene and I just talked this morning of how good our kids are to us and how much we love them everyone.  But we also agreed that they can become bossy at times and then we agreed that it was for our own good.  So thank you, our children.

I must stop my rambling and get on with my Monday morning.  Unless someone calls with more news, I will say “Have a wonderful week, walk daily with the Lord, be happy and make someone else happy”.