What a Saturday! James married a couple at noon at Garrison Church. We came back home and went to his niece, Ashlee Rowland’s 16th birthday. Those attending were her grandmother, Kathy Lunday and grandad, Coleman Fugate, her aunt, Shawna, Jason, Cale and Jena Phillips, her great aunt, Christy Lakey, great uncle, James and Linda Orick, her parents, Amanda and Chad Medley and Chad’s parents and her brother, Brady. Her mother, Amanda, baked the birthday cake and it was good, also, ice cream was served. Pizza was had for lunch. Ashlee has a card and got money for gas.

We didn’t make it to Edna Hawkins’ 100th birthday, sometimes you wear out. I have a card for her so will get that to her.

Sunday evening Jakki Lafferty and Raina Powell visited us. Jerry Nelson had several for Sunday dinner.

Sunrise Service will be at Garrison Church Sunday. Everyone meet at 10 minutes until 7 a.m. and go to the field behind Kelly Jones’ house. If bad weather it will be held at the church house. A bountiful breakfast will be served, hosted by the church. Everyone most welcome.

Attendance Sunday was 63. Communion was held. We were proud of one of our young ladies who attends Garrison Church, Miss Katie Sallee, a fourth grader at Chadwick School who was crowned Little Miss Chadwick.

The groundhogs are not very popular. The prediction sure was missed. Someone at church said someone will come up with sueing the groundhog of his wrong prediction. Someone said it depends on the lawyer because people are sueing like crazy.

Junior and David Halcomb visited us Monday morning.

Hope for warmer weather and Happy Easter!