March 7th was a good root crop day.  We will see.  We planted the spuds and put out our onion sets.  Peas were planted in Feb. Early bird gets the worm and they usually get my peas. James cleaned the Martin boxes, so when the scouts come through they will know we are open for them to take up residence.  Sure hope mushroom season is good.  The ground will have to warm up better.

Friday, James and I visited my sister, Sybil Harvill.  One day last week, I visited Sybil and my brother and his wife, Junior and Betty Halcomb.  Chloe Wolford called and visited by phone with Junior.  She tried to call me, but we were planting garden and went fishing later.

Time changed and a good rain God sent us.  I told James it would be hard for people to crawl out of bed.  Church attendance most everywhere will be low, then again, if they didn’t change their clocks, they may miss it.

Barbara Day is in the hospital with pneumonia.  Get well soon.  Neva Sowards was moved to a nursing home.  They are hoping her back will heal itself.  A lot of prayer requests at church today.  Garrison Church had 54 last Sunday and this week.  Hard to get everyone there at the same time. Sunday evening, before church, we visited with George and Shirley Jones.  I cooked them some fish and they came on to church.

White bass season should get started good before long.  Wyatt and Colton Marler were practicing casting on their lawn Sunday evening.  They may have went fishing later.  Have a good week and good fishing.

I have heard, “The older you get, the more funny things you do.”  I wrote my items last week, waited until Tuesday to send them and put them in the mailbox.  Yes, James put the flag up, but in a hurry, I got out of the drawer an old envelope and it wasn’t stamped.  I did not notice it until we came home and there it was, in our box. Oh well, here’s a double portion.

Sunday at Garrison Church, 63 were present.  The rain God sent should have brought people out to fill all the churches that are doing God’s will.  Lisa Ellison sang a special and little miss Jena Guerin, with help and courage support from her Aunt, Hailey Roberts, sang.  You are always welcome at Garrison.  We can, as well as other churches, use the help.

Ariana and Kegan Evans attended a regional Bible Quiz-a thon at Carthage.  Ariana was one of the four chosen to go to world competition this summer.  They attend Crosspoint Church in Ava.  Way to go girl!  She is our niece and nephew, Connie and John Siler’s granddaughter.

Barbara Day is back home after being in the hospital.  Get well wishes sent her way.

Friday, James and I took a little trip.  Seemed like we missed a turn to go to Big Creek, but we had a good time.  Donnie and Freddie Cummings, Boscoe Applegate, Clinton, Wyatt and Colton Marler, Jerry, Neva, Jerry Jr., Tattie and Zorie Maggard were all there.  I met Les Hallmark’s brother and a gentleman that attends church where Tom and Beverly Hodges use to pastor.  Beverly and I graduated together.  Little Freddie enjoyed using James’ boots to wade the water and fishing together.  We enjoyed it.

White bass are biting some and now grabbing season is underway.  Having a good time is what it is all about.  Larry Maggard and Mike Bodine had went early that morning.

I had a good visit and lots of good laughs visiting Sybil and Debbie Harvill at Sybil’s  Saturday evening.  Deb was working in the garden.

George and Shirley Jones’ family honored them Friday night by eating out in Springfield, for their 60th wedding anniversary.  James had them to come up front Sunday and everyone shook hands with them and congratulated them. A great couple, we wish them many more.

Happy Easter to all and remember, it’s about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, not the Easter bunny and eggs.  That’s worldly that we enjoy, but He doesn’t want us to put that before Him.  Serve Him first and later enjoy the Easter bunny and eggs.