Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home, it has been a busy week around our home getting ready for the annual Easter Egg Hunt for Ava Head Start and the Ava Elememtary Kindergarten classes.  The Easter Bunny is scheduled to appear on March 27th at 11:00, we all look forward to Peter’s Arrival on a nice spring day.  Ava Student Council was here and they helped the residents stuff over 4,000 easter eggs.   Residents and student council enjoyed the morning.  All the eggs were stuffed and put away for the Easter bunny.  Wednesday our grounds will be full of Easter Eggs.

We have been waiting for the forecast of snow to begin and it is now snowing.  We just wonder how much will accumilate.

My son Gary and his wife, Alice stopped by the home to see me today and I noticed Gary took a selection of books from our library, so he is expecting a big snow storm to keep him house-bound for a while.  We did get the expected snow and it was beautiful to behold, piled on every slender twig of trees and bushes, the most lovely snow we have received for years.  I hear reports of many snowmen being built and much fun for those able to do so.  By Saturday the roads and paths were mostly cleared.  Of course here at our home, Rocco Novak takes care of our sidewalks and paths.

I just finished a wonderful storybook about the trials and tribulations of the Amish people.  We have a library that covers all catagories- really wonderful.  We have many games and jig-saw puzzles,too.

We are going to begin a Bible Study program especially for the women led by Carol Carson on April 2nd at 3:15 in the Activity Room.  Quite a few of the ladies have expressed a desire for this and we are hoping for an eager participation.  So, ladies, mark your calendar, your are going to receive an invitation soon.  This can be a good Christian fellowship for us ladies.  Your friends may visit you and attend it they wish-this would be wonderful.The men have started one every other Friday morning at 9:00 in the Activity Room with Bro. Vic Murdy.

Saturday morning was our Seventh Annual Heart of the Ozarks Buddy Bass Tournament held at Theodosia Marina.  We had 30 boats to check in for a day of fishing.  1st place winners were Darren Tilley and Jason Davidson with 20.12 lbs of fish, 2nd place was Tommy Skinner and Mike Cox with 17.12lbs of fish, 3rd place was Mark Sanders and Bobby Comstock with 16. 10 lbs of fish, 4th place was Dustin and Mark Taylor with 15.13lbs of fish and 5th place was Jesse Willis and Steve Clayton with  14.12lbs of fish.

We appreciate everyone who came out and fished in the cold.

Our Sunday School time was spent very instructively about, “Jesus the Light of the World.”

We, also, spent some time answering prayer requests about times and cirumstances that only our Heavenly Father can do anything about and, even then, we must close by saying “thy will be done.”

We would like to welcome our new residents to our home, they are Rev. Tom Johnson and Doris Searcy.

Our prayers and sympathy goes out to the  family of Eldon Leo Brooks.  He will be missed at our home, he was one of the door greeters here at Heart of the Ozarks.   God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.