Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home. Oh, my, the weather has been wonderful for a few days!  It is as if Spring were already here.  Today is Sunday and it is raining and that  too is like spring.

Saturday morning Mrs. Norma Stillings was here playing the piano and warming up the residents for Bro. Tom Hawkins message.

Larry Moore was here for Sunday School.  Sandy Church came in the afternoon and sang.  It was a spirit-filled singing and lifted our hearts so nicely.  Then Pastor Bro. Neal Crum spoke to us about the activities in Jerusalem just prior to the crucifixion.  We could imagine the boistrous crowd parading along with the disciples and Jesus welcoming them into the city and then in just a few hours the scene changed with Jesus crucified-and to think how quickly a riot of people can change.  It really hurts when Peter denied knowing Jesus.  Would I have?  The Sandy people are very friendly and mixed and mingled with all of us for quite a while. We appreciated them for coming and cheering us up on this lovely day.  Their piano player can really make our piano talk!

The church schedule for APRIL IS:  Gentry Church on April 7th, Faith Rock Church on April 14th, Goodhope General Baptist Church on April 21th and Mt. Tabor Church on April 28th.  We look forward to our Sunday afternoon of worship with all the different churches.

The House to House Singers were here last Thursday and we enjoyed some good old gospel music.   The 1st Sonshine group was here Friday morning and everyone had a very good time.

Monday morning Yorik and Majix was here visiting with all the residents.  They are volunteers for Hospice Compassus.

This is Tuesday morning and as I was coming from breakfast I heard a cheerful voice calling as I passed a room saying, “I’m going home! I’m going home today.”  I backed up and it was Rex Hartin with a big smile on his face.  I said, “Is it really so, are you going home

today?”  Yes, it was really so, and he was very glad and shared with me his joy and that he realized that he had worked hard in therapy and would get to go home, it is always good to rejoice with them as they return home.

I am Spring cleaning in my living quarters and getting rid of some excess belongings.  This must be done quite often in the space we have, otherwise we are fine.

The work crews have the yards all pruned and ready for lovely Spring growth and blooms.

We welcome to our home new residents Leron Goggans and Ransell Hutchison.

Congratulations to Rex Hartin on getting to go home this week.  God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center.