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Hello from our home to your home, we have missed much of the snow that fell on north Missouri, but we have certainly felt the cold breeze blowing.

Spring is just around the corner so we can anticipate a change in the foliage.  I love to watch the foliage over Ava from our home on the hill.

First it turns a misty green and then gradually appears many shades of green as it develops into summer.  I’ve noticed and enjoyed it for all the springs I have been here.  This will make eight springtimes for me here.  We have many beautiful flowers that begin to grow and bloom, also.

The Home is always well groomed. It makes us proud to call it Home.  And people are not as heart-broken when they have to become residents in a place so beautiful as this.  It seems the longer I live here the more of my friends become residents.  But I haven’t forgotten how hard it is to leave a good home and be home-sick for awhile.  We try to be kind and receptive to ease the hearts of those who come to us, especially during home-sick times.

On Saturday Bro. Tom Hawkins held Bible Study with music by Norma Stillings.  They are faithful with this every Saturday morning at ten.

Then in the afternoon many wanted to play games and rounded up quite a number to play.  Danny called four games while I played, then I called so Danny could play and he won a game and, also, the end game of coverall.

We had an extra large group for Bible Study during the Sunday School hour Sunday morning.  We meet at ten now to give the breakfast group more time to finish eating, then housekeeping to clean the area.

Loretta started a new jig-saw puzzle and it’s a beautiful picture. We have discovered if we tape the outer corners our puzzle stays together a little bit better.

Yorik the Wonder Dog was here for a morning of visiting with the residents.  Yorik brought his companion, Magik with him, they show off  their new volunteer vests.   Carrie McIntosh called games for us twice this week, she filled in for Judy Kent on Monday.   Evelyn Harper was here for game time and handed out candy to the residents, around anywhere from 15 to 20 people play games each day.   We have changed game time to 10:00 on Wednesday morning.

Ruth Evans is always here visiting with residents on Thursday morning, she is treasure to have around our home.

Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center served dinner to Redbud Village last Thursday, ham and beans, fried potatoes, chili, cornbread and peach cobbler served with ice cream.  We appreciate everyone who came out for the dinner.

Mr. Decker’s book “Too Good To Be Forgotten” has been published.  Jean Huff, my daugher, illustrated it and Alice had a copy last week.  I can hardly wait to read it through, but I did get a chance to scan it a few minutes.

Ava Assembly of God was here for music Sunday and it was very much appreciated by staff and residents.  Just a reminder to churches, if you haven’t picked up your copy please call Connie Burris at 683-4129.

We are getting ready for our annual 4th of July Celebration, if you would like a booth space call us and let us know.

We would like to welcome new our new resident to our home, Virginia Crites and congratulations to Faye Case on getting to go home Saturday.

God Bless You From Our Home To Your Home.

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