On this Monday, March 4th will try and write some news.  Well we finally got some sunshine and a bit warmer temps.

Chris Hartzell came Thursday and had supper with her grandma, Ann Collins.

Tracy, Hannah and Devin Griffeth came after me Friday after school and spent until Sunday evening with them.  Tracy, Hannah and I went to Gainsville and Mtn. Home, Sunday I don’t know when I had been to Mtn. Home.

Sirena, Cole and Izzy Bradshaw visited Karen and Doug Fredrick on Saturday and they all visited awhile with Bert and Dean Scherer.  Then Cole spent the night with Doug and Karen.

I don’t get out enough to know any news.

Saw in the paper where Vivian Wolf had passed away.

March Birthdays, Calvin Driskell was the 3rd, Kathryn Smith the 16th, Karen Fredrick the 25th, Bertha Scherer and Riley O’Shea the 29th.

March 11th news, Patty Stephens came on Tuesday and took me to Mtn. Grove, we had lunch and I did some grocery shopping and had my protime test.

Ann Collins is able to be out and driving again, she and I went to Bev’s Beauty Saloon Thursday and had hair cuts, which were badly needed.

Sharon Driskell visited awhile with me Friday morning.

Ann Collins and I visited awhile Saturday evening with Karen and Doug Fredrick.  We also stopped at the store at Gentryville for awhile, Cathy Haney is doing good after her knee surgery in January.

Tracy Griffeth called this morning, Devin had gone camping with the Boy Scouts Friday night, he was tired but had enjoyed it.

Also heard from Debbie, they were getting rain on their snow.

We are thankful for our good rain, I don’t know how much.  Don’t have my new rain gauge out yet.

Until next time, take care and God bless.