Gentry Church

Opening our morning service with prayer was Joie Welker.

Our Sunday school lesson was on Daniel’s vision of things that must come before the end and should be an encouragement to all Christians.

Our special song this morning was by our quartet of Narvil Tetrick, Wendell Deo, Rod and Joie Welker.

Next Sunday afternoon is the fourth Sunday singing at Ava General Baptist Church at 2 p.m., so bring finger foods for lunch at Gentry, we can eat, practice some songs for our Easter service and then go to the singing.

Bro. Rodney Brown will be our guest speaker Sunday night, March 24th at 6 p.m. He is from Seymour and everyone is invited to attend.

Pauline Welker has a new look now, she doesn’t have to wear her neck brace anymore and is very thankful for that.

Colton Davis is home recuperating from having some wisdon teeth cut out and has been a very sick young man.

Bro. Bob Huskey’s morning message was from Luke, chapter 23. When Jesus appeared before Pilate, the crowd was saying with loud voices, crucify Him, who had done no wrong and these were among the same crowd who sang hosannans to Jesus when he entered town. Jesus was delivered to their will. They did not believe in Him. If we believe and trust in Him, what a hope we have to look forward to.

In our evening service we had a special song by Pauline Welker and Wanda Casady, also one by Bro. Bob Huskey and Charlotte Reich.

Bro. Huskey’s message was from Mark, chapter 14. Judas was one of Jesus trusted disciples, yet he betrayed Him. Here is a person who had seen healing and miracles done, heard him preached and helped Him. Satan is always there ready to devour, we have a choice on which way to go with our lives.

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday so we urge everyone to invite someone to come and join us in the celebration of the life of Jesus.