Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Okay its official, spring is here. You can’t tell it by the weather, but love is in the air. We had a wedding shower at church last Saturday.

Even with all the snow and cold wind, we still had a fairly good crowd out for church Sunday morning. We even had a little baby at church for the first time. Trista’s baby came with Granny Tammy and then Darrell and Trista joined them for church. We are having several babies being born to church families. That makes for proud grandmas. I know Linda Nelson always enjoys being in church with her grandkids.

God was very good to us and let the temperature stay just warm enough that the snow was melting just about as fast as it hit the ground. We still were a little worried about people getting out in the cold Sunday night and having trouble, so we cancelled services for Sunday night.

This next weekend is Easter Sunday; it is always a time to remember Christ dying on the cross for our sins and rising again in three days. It is this glorious resurrection that we celebrate. We are going to start early with a breakfast about 9:15 and then have backwards church. The preaching will be first, followed by Sunday school and then we will have an Easter egg hunt. I hope you plan to come early. I told everyone if they were late they may not get anything but a frozen pancake.

I went up to the nursing home this weekend. I got to visit with Aunt Maxine, Angie and Velda. I looked everywhere for my brother Bob and couldn’t locate him. I finally asked someone and found out that he was with the hospice nurse. I will have to catch him next time.

I hope you have your plans all made for your Easter weekend. I hope they include a church service to give God praise and glory for all He has gone for you. Happy Easter to all!