Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

I said last week that we would all start getting spring fever and today I talked to a lady that already has lettuce, radishes and onions planted. I do not have anything in the garden, but we do have our tomato plants started. Just think fresh tomatoes, what could be better? Well, in reality lots of things, but they do sound pretty good.

We had a good week at church. Several people at church this week, some we hadn’t seen in a while. We certainly hope they come back to see us. Our special songs were short and I guess sweet. We only had one.

Donald started his sermon out talking about a coffee cup at a restaurant. He said if you turn it over, the waitress will automatically fill it up. We sing a song about “Fill My Cup Lord” but He can’t fill it up if we don’t turn it over and lift it up. We have to do our part, and then God will fill our cup, and He will fill it to over flowing with blessings.

Sunday night was our youth night. Jon brought the movie, Facing The Giants;” if you haven’t seen this movie it is worth watching. I heard Donald say that was worth preaching. Not just once, but several times during this show. It was about a coach who helped his football team come to know God and how He could help in all parts of their lives. He kept asking them what is impossible with God and they always answered, nothing coach. We need a few more coaches like that in our schools and athletic programs. More important we need a society that allows teachers and coaches to talk about God with our young people in school.

I watched my two youngest grandkids play soccer Saturday morning. It is so fun to watch these kids get out there and start learning a sport. I can’t wait until it gets warm enough so we can all get outside and enjoy this wonderful world God gave us to enjoy.

That’s all I have for this week. Remember as you go about your day lift your cup up and ask God to fill it up with all the blessing it can hold. Until next week, take care and God bless you.