Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

I know it’s been a while since I have written to everyone. I hope you are looking forward to spring as much as I am. God has blessed us with some good rain to help our gardens grow and I know the farmers will appreciate the moisture to help get a good harvest of hay. Now we just need some more of those warm days and everyone will start getting spring fever and the gardeners will start digging up their plots of dirt.

Our spiritual lives are like that also, we need a little bit of tending to and a lot of nourishment and some warm blessings. The best way to get these are by going to church, reading and studying God’s word, and prayer. Add a good dose of Christian fellowship and watch your spititual life grow.

Donald asked the question Sunday how close is God to us…….The answer is; He is as close as you will allow Him to be. God is always there and wants to be your constant companion. He is just waiting on you to ask.

We may need to be asking for some healing in our church, it seems we still have a lot of people out sick. Maybe, when it warms up some of this sickness will leave. God has been healing people in our church, too.   We had Miss Violet back in church with us and Tina Johnson was able to be back, also. It was so good to see both of these ladies able to attend.

Next Sunday night is our youth night, we hope we get several young and young at heart out for this special night.  You never know what you might miss when you don’t show  up. The last week of this month is Easter Sunday and we always have something special for our kids. I hope you are praising God for giving us a reason to celebrate Easter.

As many of you already know, my mother went home to be with our Lord and Savior. Heaven has gained a sweet voice to sing with the angels. I know my mother’s last request was for me to take care of my family. I also know that to my mother that means making sure that all of our families are making plans to meet her up in heaven some day. That means you and you and you, if you don’t know about Jesus, it is time to find a church and get to know him on a personal basis.

Until next time, do have a great week, make plans to spend time with your family over Easter. More important, make time to give Jesus praise and glory for all He has done for us.