Dogwood Ramblings

Word came to me a few days ago that the College of the Ozarks at Branson will no longer take students with loans.  This is a “working”, private Christian campus for which applicants must show a financial need.  Some students may have federal or state aid or a scholarship.  Apparently there are far too many students across this nation graduating with big debts on their shoulders and C of O does not want to contribute to that.  Many young people from this area have successfully completed their educations there and most come out debt free and with a good work ethic.  Of course, the ACLU will attack such clear thinking!

I send out Internet prayer requests for St. Leo’s members and others, some going to other states where the requests are added to other church internet prayer chains.  One gentleman in California, a cousin to a gal with whom I graduated high school just sent me a request.  His stepson, Terry Guengerich (in California) has come with prostate cancer and Carl is requesting prayers for Terry.  Terry and his wife Lorraine used to live in the Ava area and still visit on occasion.  Terry has moved his father, Dale Guengerich (in his 90’s) from this area to Arizona and more recently to Sun City, California.  Some of you may remember the Guengerich family.  This name is no longer in our phone book.

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.  The world will have a generation of idiots.  Albert Einstein

Last Friday morning the snow measured 10” deep on my deck.  Needless to say, I stayed home.  Rex & Arlene had to make their way to work in the 4-wheel drive truck.  The plows did a good job on keeping the main roads open, putting in many long hours.  It would be nice if they could also do driveways (mine, for instance).  This weather is a good reason for preparing comfort foods so I made a big pot of Penne Pasta with spinach, chicken and Alfredo sauce.  This goes well with home baked bread.  There is nothing quite like the aroma of bread baking in the oven on a cold snowy day.  My neighbors, the Wagners, have offered to pick up needed things for me when the roads are difficult.

Easter is fast approaching and will be a very busy week with services at St. Leo’s on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.  I remember way back (in a warmer climate) when Easter was a day to wear one’s finest clothes, new if one could afford it, and of course, every woman wore a hat or mantilla to church.  My mother made many of our dresses back then.  We weren’t allowed to wear jeans or trousers of any sort until I was in my teens, and never to school or church.  A few times my father took us for a short drive to other areas of Los Angeles so we could see the ladies in their finery on their way to church.  I don’t recall when the hat thing stopped but I think it was in the early 1960s.

Let us hope Easter is snow free.