Dogwood Ramblings

It has been a busy week.  As mentioned last time, I met up with grandson Nick and his wife Sheila in Springfield after my medical appointment.  Such a nice visit!  We went to Hibachi Buffet for lunch and as usual, I ate too much.  Good thing I had other places to go to help walk off that stuffed feeling.

Wednesday was the funeral service for Bob Reinartz after which, the ladies of our church provided a lunch for family, friends, and attending parishioners.  Saturday evening was the St. Patrick’s annual gathering at St. Leo’s for Irish foods and entertainment.  I baked some bread for this year’s event.  For several years I prepared the potato soup from 50# of potatoes but not for last year or this.

Friday I went to Mass early then I took my new dog in to be spayed.  She is about 9 months old and weighs in at 68 lbs.  Her momma is a Great Pyrenees, her daddy is thought to be a German Shepherd.  This means she has the breeding and ancestry to be an excellent guard dog.  Actually, she resembles a wolf.  She came to me from a rescue situation.  The people who took her in had 3 dogs larger than her and needed to find a different home after they put some weight on her.  She had been chained since a puppy.  Nasty way to raise or keep any animal!

Patsy Williams called with news of a birthday party for little 4 year-old Ethan at her place Saturday.  Ethan is the son of Nick and Amanda Williams.  There were at least 50 people there.  I met up with Patsy on Friday at the Animal Clinic in Ava where she was having a cat neutered and I had my new dog there.  Patsy also said Grandma Debbie brought newborn Alexander Michael to Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church on Sunday for his first trip there, having been born on March 1st.  Also, a group of Gideons visited there and brought a message.  After services, Amanda took several children off to Chuckie Cheese in Springfield for a birthday party.

I received a wedding announcement for Pam Dugan Aldrich’s daughter Amanda “Amy”, who is marrying Cory Lawrence on Saturday, the 13th of April at the Swan Creek Chapel at Sparta.  My goodness, where have all the years gone?

I hope no one is complaining about the rain.  Most country folk are quite pleased as it fills ponds and saturates what was our drought affected fields and pastures.  Until next week…….