Dogwood Ramblings

We have some sad news to report from our Dogwood Community.  On March 5th, Amy Garrison Nelson, age 39, the daughter of J.R. and Pam Garrison, passed away at her home in Springfield.  None that I know of on the hill were aware of this or I’m sure many would have attended the funeral last Friday or at least passed the word on.

Another passing is that of Jimmy Crisp, former mayor of Seymour for 16 years.  Ron Boeddeker was in Seymour when he heard this so he went to visit Jimmy’s wife, Nadine.  Ron worked for Nadine in the auto shop there for several years.

Randy Boeddeker has been busy moving cattle and now has them all up on this hill.  He managed to get most of them “worked” before the onslaught of rain, alone.  We are thankful for the rain as most all the ponds are now full.  Too bad we didn’t have the lime and fertilizer on before this rain, but such is life.

Grandson Nicholas is home in Springfield and some of the bandaging of his hand has been removed, although the pin is still in the hand.  I went to visit Nick and Sheila on Monday after my medical appointment.  Maybe by the time Nick returns to North Dakota the winter won’t be so cold and wild.

Ron, Arlene & Reanna went this past weekend to a Conference/Banquet for Hunter Safety Educators up by Camdenton.  Ron has been teaching hunter education for many years, much of it at Bass Pro in Springfield, and sometimes in Seymour and Ava.  He especially likes teaching the young ones.  As Rex was home alone, he fixed supper for me – yummy tacos followed by good peppermint ice cream.

Regina called from Oregon where she is kept busy with college classes, a few head of cattle, doing some brush hogging, etc.  Justin has been helping where he can.  Her hubby, Dan, just returned home from two weeks of reserve duty.

My niece, Maureen, called about her 54 year old son, Dean, having by-pass surgery on the 14th.  Dean had this procedure several years ago so the family is quite concerned.  Maureen is the daughter of Willie’s Boeddeker’s sister, Edith.  Of Willie and his 13 siblings, only 4 are still with us.

The funeral for Bob Reinartz is Wednesday of this week.  Bob and Robin’s place is just south of Ava and they have been faithful members of our church.  The grandchildren are 4 and 5 and this loss is not easily explained, or understood by the little ones.  Please do keep the families of the departed in your prayers.

No politicking or pontificating this week.  I’m sure you get enough from other sources.  Many bulbs have popped their greenery out of the soil so hopefully, spring is soon here, and may it be glorious.

From the desk of Jamey Herd: Despite the rain yesterday, church was well attended. Some of those that attended did have problems getting home because of water over the road. Jon and Elaina said they had to try the third way into their place. Janice Lafferty posted on Facebook that they had the same problem getting home from their church. They live close to the same area as Jon and Elaina. There are a lot of small creeks that flow through that area of Douglas County. I am sure they all end up into Swan Creek.

Condolences go out to JR and Pam Garrison in the passing of their oldest daughter, Amie. It is so sad to lose such a young life. We did hear the news Thursday evening from Jim Cudney. Jim and Billy Joe were able to attend the service at Ava Family Place in Ava. Ricky Voliva preached the service. Billy Joe hadn’t seen Ricky in several years and didn’t recognize him.

We have some ice on porch floors and steps this morning but the rain was very welcome by the farmers of this area. The ponds are full now to water livestock this spring and summer and to grow grass, hay and other crops. We are guessing we had close to 2 ½ inches of rain. Our son Ron had to work yesterday morning at Hiland and said James River was partially over the road he travels to work. Then he came here yesterday afternoon and said Finley was lapping at the low water bridge on Z highway between Fordland and 14 highway.

Several have been on the sick list including Pat and Debbi Williams. Pat did want to announce the arrival of her new great- grandson.

Till next time God Bless.