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Recently I was reminded of the Seven Deadly Sins.  Proverbs says these are:  wrath; greed; sloth; pride; lust; envy; and gluttony.  Interesting is that some think pride is the sin of women and lust is the sin of men.  Galatians 5:19-21 lists the following as sins: adultery; fornication; uncleanness; lasciviousness; idolatry; sorcery; hatred, variance; emulations; wrath; strife; seditions; heresies; envying; murders; drunkenness; revelings.   Seven Holy Virtues are listed as: humility, charity; kindness; patience; chastity; temperance; diligence.  If we all were to base our lives on the Ten Commandments and the Holy Virtues, the above sins would possibly not be committed.  First, of course, one has to believe in God, our Creator.  God has been removed from public schools, much of our government, and we all know what Hollywood and higher education has done to eliminate belief.  It is up to each and every one of us to find our way through this labyrinth, through all of the above, as it is full of intricate passageways and blind alleys.

So now, our fearless, feckless leaders in D.C. went into “sequester”, where our national monitory problems were to be addressed.  When I worked for the State of California one of my duties was to project what office equipment would be needed in a year, for the proposed prison budget.  I was encouraged to blow this up excessively with wishful thinking.  I do believe this has been going on in our government, as well as the wasteful spending of our tax dollars and the borrowing of billions from China, which is saddling our great grandchildren with a debt that cannot be repaid.  Let us hope this sequester cuts expenses fairly as we all are going to have to bite the bullet one way or the other.  Of course, we have been doing that for months with increased costs of everything we need.

My grandson, Nick Boeddeker, works in the oil shale fracking fields in North Dakota.  Last week his right hand was badly injured, requiring surgery, which apparently went well with the insertion of a pin.  Nick’s wife, in Springfield, kept the family updated on every step taken at this time and we so appreciate that.  My granddaughter, Regina, sent a nice long newsy e-mail from Oregon.  She is keeping busy with college courses.  Her son, Justin, who will be age 12 in May, still wants to move back here to Dogwood Hill.

Lou Williams updated me on her mother and brother, Frances and Sherwood Aid.  Both are still in the nursing home and recovery is slow.  Of course, both want to go home, which is understandable.  Pete Mooney, formerly of Douglas County, has now completed his chemotherapy sessions and the latest word is that he is doing well.  Pete & Kathy now live in the Branson area.  I saw John Parker in Ava and he says they are doing well.

If you haven’t noticed, Options Pregnancy Clinic is now located on the southeast corner of the square in what was formerly the Ozarks Family Vision Center, and thanks to help from the Knights of Columbus they now have sonogram equipment and three trained technicians.  There is nothing quite like seeing your baby in the womb, heart beating.

Still a bit of snow still on the north side of my house but all the ice has melted off of my deck, finally. Here is hoping you managed to get safely through all the weather we’ve had.  Pray for our nation.

A very happy Patsy Williams called with the good news that last Friday, March 1st little Alexander Michael Williams was born at Cox Hospital, weighing in at 9 pounds 10 ounces.  Parents are Michael and Amy, grandparents are Ron and Debbie Williams.  She also said great grandson Jesse, age 9, came down with upper respiratory problems and was out of school a week, staying with Patsy and of course, Patsy caught it and had to go to the doctor also.

From the desk of Jamey Herd: I’ve been staying pretty close to home with the cold weather and snow and only getting out when I had to. So I’ve not had a lot of news to report. Billy Joe and I went to Ozark on Saturday to get cat food and some groceries. I noticed we had more snow from our house to Bruner than what Ozark had. It looks like it is pretty much gone today but with a forecast of a few snowflakes tonight. This is the first of March so spring has to be just around the corner.

Pleasant Ridge was well attended yesterday with a good message from Pastor Carl. We still have a few out sick though and will wish them get well soon. Brenda Dinwiddie led singing in the absence of Joan Workman. Thanks Brenda. Welcome to the visitors also and we hope you come back.

Last night we went down to Caney Church at Brownbranch to hear the Goodhope Pickers play and sing the gospel in music. Jim and Connie Porter rode along with us and Jim played his guitar with the group. It was nice seeing people we’ve not seen for some time. A delicious meal was served afterwards.

Get well wishes go out to Tom Brown. I understand he has been in the hospital but is home now. Also get well wishes go out to Wanda Dugan’s brother-in-law, Virgil Davis, who suffered a stroke. Our sympathy goes out to Willene Adams family in the passing of Willene.

Connie Porter and I joined a nice group of quilters in Rogersville known as the Quiltin Timers. They meet twice a month and I am hoping to be able to go often. It takes me time to get names and faces matched up but it is so nice meeting other quilters and sharing ideas.

Here on Dogwood Hill it is very muddy. We received an inch of rain before it turned to snow last week. Now the weatherman says we will have high winds this week so that should dry the ground out some. We really need this moisture and I know the ground is frozen and it is not going into the soil where it is needed. I pray we continue to receive moisture this spring to grow the crops and gardens. I doubt we will be planting potatoes on St Patrick’s Day as we did in years past. I remember our neighbors, Delbert and Delorce Swearengin and Roscoe and Mae Swearengin, always planted lettuce on February 14th and potatoes on March 17th, weather permitting. Mae always had lettuce to eat while I was still thinking about planting mine. They also put out their peas in February. I don’t think our seasons are like they were in times past. I can’t imagine having anything planted yet.

Until next time God Bless you.

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