Caney Church

We came together at Caney, to praise the Lord and study His Word.  Bro Jim Lafferty, welcomed all to service. Prayer requests were taken and Bro. Jeff Shipley led us in prayer.  Jim read Isaiah 65:1-16 and made comments.

Sunday school opened with congregational singing.  Bro. Jack Essary welcomed everyone, prayer requests and praise reports were taken.  We had so many concerns, we are asking God to intervene.  Sister Janice Lafferty led in prayer.  Bro Jack read James 5:13-18, for our devotions.  Wonderful words.

Praise/worship time began with testimonies from Jeff Shipley, Melissa Harmon, Vanessa Mills and Janice Lafferty.  Little Maddie Shipley sang for us.  Congregational singing began. Singing special was by Melissa Harmon.  Pastor Bill Austin brought the Sunday morning message from I Samuel 30:1-6 and Isaiah 40:31.  Even though we are greatly distressed, we can encourage ourselves. Just remember God is on our side.  When you are weak in spirit, remember God will restore you, God will not forsake or leave us and we thank Him for that. Even though we are a rebellious nation, He still had His loving hand extended to us. If we repent and turn toward Him, He will forgive.  We had a good discussion on God’s word, and as always, we were blessed.

Congregational singing started our Sunday school.  Bro Jack Essary welcomed everyone.  He took prayer requests and praise reports.  Sister Elsie Combs led us in prayer.  Jack read Psalms 92:1-12 for our devotional.  Maddie Shipley sang as offering was received.

Praise/worship began with testimonies from; Jim Lafferty, Jeff Shipley, Elsie Combs and Hi Lambeth.  We then moved to the congregational singing. Specials were by Melba Austin and Melissa Harmon.  Pastor Bill Austin took his message from II Samuel 18:24-27 and II Peter 2. Not everything you hear is good or true.  Don’t follow after something that sounds good, but know the truth.  Only God’s Word is true.  There are false teachers in the world.  Don’t think you can live close to sin and not be in danger.  Stay away from sin and live close to the Lord.  A good message for these times.

Sunday evening service began with singing. Bro Jeff Shipley welcomed everyone and took prayer requests and praise reports.  Bro Jack Essary led in prayer. Testimonies were given by; Bill Austin, Janice Lafferty and Melba Austin. Bro. Jim Lafferty brought our evening message from Hebrews.  He started at the 28th verse, then went back, 25-, 13:1-7.  We should serve God with reverance and godly fear.  Everything we do should be knowing that God needs, deserves us to witness and set examples before men.  A thought provoking message.

We would love for you to come be with us.  If your church doesn’t have Wednesday evening service, we start at 7 p.m.  We pray that God would put a desire in our hearts that we would serve Him better.  God is good and we pray His blessings on all.  Come worship with us at Caney.  We will be glad to have you.