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3-10-13. Joe read Psalms 47. Danny Lee said opening prayer Lesson 1 Corinthians Chapter 13, Charity and love.  Paul is speaking of the different gifts and different deeds that we may do that is considered good but if we don’t have charity it is nothing.  No good can come out of it.  This short chapter ends with the last verse stating “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.”  Paul continues to clarify this in the 14th Chapter with desiring the gift of speaking in unknown tongues.  He doesn’t rebuke it  but rather they may prophesy.

Our service changed the time of worship.  Good spiritual, powerful songs were lifted up to Almightly God and Father.  We were glad to have Michael and Laura Willis and their little girl Sidney.  She sang so sweet for us today.  Their son, Isaac, has gone to Louisiana with Mamaw and Papaw Willis and cousin, Mike andKayla Stutesman..  Also we had Rick Lafferty that I enjoy fellowship and cutting up with.

Bro. “Cub, Joe” brought the sermon from St. Luke the 15th Chapter verses 11-24.  The prodigal son. He asks for his inheritance early and manages to spend it resulting in hunger driving him to eat with the swine, also known as pigs.  Finally, he comes to his senses through the Holy Spirit and returns to his father, who, with great gladness receives him back.  Aren’t we all like that prodigal son?  We want materialistic things and we want them now. These “things” interfere with our walk with Jesus and we find ourselves in need of our heavenly Father.  We can’t make this journey of life without Jesus.  You may be deceived by Satan placing thoughts in your mind that you are doing just fine without Him.  But friend, there will come a day, if not in this life the next one, you will see all was not well.  Seek Him now and ask Jesus into your heart and walk with Him lest you stray.

We thank God for the wonderful rain and I pray his blessing on you and your families. Have a good week and get to church on Sunday and fellowship.  It is so good, until next week have a good day.

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