Black Oak Church

“Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh,” Matthew 24:44.

Brother Roy Frye opened Sunday school after we sang. He read Psalm 92:1-12 for the devotion then disimissed us to class.

Brother Bobby Turley took up the tithes and offering.

Please pray for Virginia, Ernest, Dara, Howard, Dana, nursing homes, Pete Turley and family, Lance, Jeremy, Keith Breeding, Becky Cottengin, Tom Johnson and family. Fayne Adams family and other bereaved, Richard Mitchell, Larry Burnett, Floyd Graham, Wanda Goss’ son, Gene Pool, unsaved, unspoken, country and leaders, military and each other.

Dailyn Stanifer, Lidia Stanifer, Quin Breeding, Sara Maggard and Austin Maggard all did the penny march for Piland Youth Camp.

The children studied about the Trinity in Children’s Church. Sister Angie brought boiled eggs for them to color then most of them ate theirs. I used the egg to illustrate the one whole, but three parts of the trinity.

Pastor David sang then preached from Ezra 7:10. Ezra prepared his heart to serve God as we should.

Sunday evening we sang. Sister Theta Nokes sang a special for us. It was beautiful. Pastor David sang then preached from Matthew 24:42-51 on how we are to watch for his return and be ready, but to also be working for him while we wait. Both were very good messages.

Join us if you are looking for a new church family. We are studying Mark on Wednesday nights at 6:00.

May God bless you all.